May 30, 2015



We are excited to introduce the first annual Hiroshima JET Scholarship Fund!

The scholarship was created and will be administered by the members of the Hiroshima JET Scholarship Fund Committee, a group of independent volunteers comprised of ALTs and CIRs who live and work in Hiroshima's schools and communities.


In the spirit of promoting international exchange and students' practical English communication abilities, the fund will provide a ¥250,000 scholarship to one student of a school in Hiroshima Prefecture, where a JET Program ALT is present. The scholarship is to be used as funding towards a study abroad program of the student’s choosing. Only students who are in their 3rd year of JHS or their 1st or 2nd year of HS at the time of submitting the application are eligible to apply.


The ideal candidate for the scholarship does not need to attend an academically oriented school or have strong English skills.  The most important factor that will be considered is a student's sincere interest in learning English and participating in cultural exchange.  Strong applicants will be involved in extracurricular and community activities. Most importantly they will demonstrate a motivation to travel and study in a foreign country.


While this might seem like a lot of information, we assure you this experience will greatly benefit your students. Please, browse the website to learn more about the HJSF, ask a committee member for more information. Get our info pack and application here. We also have materials to help promote the program.


Now, the fundraising begins! Spread the word by sharing this website, the HJSF Facebook group, and promotional video with your colleagues, friends, and family. Learn how to donate and make a pledge in honor of your students. If you'd like to attend or volunteer at one of our upcoming fundraising events, please check out our Events & Deadlines page, join our Facebook group for updates, or shoot us an email.  


Thank you,


The Hiroshima JET Scholarship Fund Committee 



We also would like to acknowledge and thank the Shimane AJET Scholarship and Fukuoka AJET Scholarship committees for their assistance and inspiration in the creation of the Hiroshima JET Scholarship Fund. The HJSF could not have been made possible without your scholarship programs' strong foundation. 




Thank You!

Greetings Hiroshima ALTs!